Installing the OctoSAM License Manager Observer Service

Service Account

Create a Windows service account that has database owner access to the central OctoSAM Inventory database.

The service account also needs read/write permissions to the configured log directories.

Configuration Files

The license manager observer service supports a central configuration file appsettings.json in a folder referenced by the OCTOSAM_CONFIGURATION_FOLDER environment variable.

Service Installation

To install the OctoSAM Inventory License Manager Server Observer Service into the service registry, use the following command (running as Local Administrator):


The service will install itself with startup type ‘Automatic (Delayed Start)’ and reasonable recovery actions.

After installation you need to set the Service Account using the Services control panel.


All OctoSAM services can also be started directly from a console window. This can be used for testing your configuration without having to install the services. Note that the service account may have other privileges than your current interactive account.

Service Uninstall

sc delete OctoSAMLicenseManagerObserverService

License Manager Server Configuration

Create a new License Manager Server object via the OctoSAM Inventory GUI.

License Manager Server Properties


Choose a name to identify the LM Server in the OctoSAM Inventory UI. This name can be changed at any time.


Choose the type of license manager you want to observe Currently supported types are:

  • Flexera FlexLM
  • Gemalto Sentinel RMS
  • Wolfram MathLM
  • EPLAN License Manager


  • For FlexLM specify port@machine.
  • For Sentinel RMS specify the machine name where the Sentinel server is installed
  • For Wolfram MathLM specify the URL where the monitorlm CGI module can be called.
    See: You can also configure monitorlm to write to a file and specify the url as file://path.
  • For EPLAN license server specify machine name where the license manager is installed.
    Note that the EPLAN license manager monitor tool must be installed on the OctoSAM Server.


Clear the flag to disable scanning of a configured License Manager server.


Select the OctoSAM Inventory Organization that this license manager server belongs to.

Scan Intervals

Fine tune the scan intervals for periods of high, normal, and low activity. The preset values are usually just fine.