Installing the OctoSAM License Web Interface

IIS Application Pool Account

Create a Windows service account that has database read/write access to the central OctoSAM Inventory database. You can use the service account created for the Import Service, but note that the Import Service needs schema modification and bulk import rights while the IIS Application Pool account needs only read/write rights.

The service account also needs read/write permissions to the configured log directories.

Administrators Group

Designate an Active Directory group that contains your License Module administrator accounts.

Create an IIS Appplication

We recommend that you put the application in a sub path of your IIS Webserver, do not place it in the server root. Configure the IIS application for Integrated Windows Authentication, do not enable Impersonation.


The License Module depends on Integrated Windows Authentication, other types of authentication are not supported and may not be enabled.

Extract the delivery and copy it to the configured IIS application root.

Copy and configure the provide sample OctoWeb.config and OctoWeb.log4net.xml files.

Configure RBAC Replication in the Import Service

The License Module depends on user information replicated by the Import Service. See the Import Service sample configuration file for details.

Note that you can only use a single domain for RBAC.

Configuration Files

The application has 2 configuration files.

This is where applications specific settings go. See the provided sample file for detailed documentation of supported configuration settings.
Log4net configuration

In most cases you should not have to modify the web.config file. If you do, keep in mind that new versions of the software may overwrite this file, and you may have to re-apply your changes.

Bootstrap RBAC Authorization

Designate an Active Directory Group for your License Module administrators and make sure that that group gets replicated to your database by the Import Service

Edit OctoWeb.config and enter your user account(s) (domain/login) as debug administrators.

<add key="Debug.Administrators" value="lab/erwin,lab/martin"/>

Restart the IIS Application.

You can now log on to the OctoSAM License Module with full administrator rights. Notice the debug administrator warning in the footer of the web page.

Now you can select the Admin / Roles Menu and add the designated Active Directory Group(s) for the Administrator Role.

Remove the Debug.Administrators key from OctoWeb.config

Restart the IIS Application

You should now be able to log in to the application to configure additional Roles.