Telerik Report Designer

OctoSAM Inventory uses Telerik Reporting. The standalone report designer can be used to change existing reports or create new custom reports. The designer can be downloaded from the Octosoft forum or obtained free of charge from Telerik at The Telerik website also contains detailed documentation and instructional videos about Telerik Reporting.

Report Data Source Configuration

When OctoSAM Inventory opens a report definition file (*.trdx file), it inspects the defined objects and changes all DataSource configurations to point to the current database. You can therefore not design any reports that connect to other databases than OctoSAM Inventory.

OctoSAM Inventory Provided Report Parameters

The following report parameters are filled in by OctoSAM Inventory when the user starts a report. You do not have to define them, but if you do, OctoSAM Inventory will automatically fill them in and set them to invisible (sometimes dependent on Options, see Description), so that the user cannot change them at runtime.

Parameter Description
OctopusConnectionString Connection string used by OctoSAM Inventory to connect to the database
OctopusLicensee Licensee from the registered license
OctopusObjectID The ID of an object if the report got started from the context menu of a document window
OctopusOrganizations Multi-valued, contains all defined Organizations, can be changed by the user
OctopusReportFile Filename of the report definition
OctopusReportFolder Folder from where the report definition was loaded
OctopusRevision Detailed build information of the calling OctoSAM Inventory UI program
OctopusSoftwareCategories Multi-valued, contains all defined software categories
OctopusVersion Version of the calling OctoSAM Inventory UI program

The OctopusGuid Report Parameter

To be used from the Web Interface, each Report must define a Report Parameter named OctopusGuid and assign a unique UUID to it. This UUID will be used for Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and for deep linking.